White screen and no errors, whats going on with your Cordova app?

Visual Studio CordovaDon’t you hate it when everyting builds and there are no errors – both the output and the Javascript output console – and VS seems to be leaving you out in the dark.

The Javascript output was too clean though, since none of my logging statements were shown. That made me think that the initial page didn’t get loaded and that proofed to be right.

Curious about the cause for this blanked out situation? Check out more after the break.

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It appears that in my case, I changed the Package name (on the Packaging tab for the package.windows10.appxmanifest file in Visual Studio 2015) and didn’t take into account that the compiled Cordova app refers to a Start page (on the Application Tab of that same appxmanifest file).

The Start page url looks something like this:
[crayon-662a11d22f1e7325123132/] So if you change your package identifier from “com.yourcompany.yourapp” to “something.else” you need to update the Start page url and change it from
[crayon-662a11d22f1f3355625556/] into
[crayon-662a11d22f1f5096923197/] This will fire up your JS code again and get your hybrid Cordova app running under Visual Studio.

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