Apple’s #appstore review period improved #itunesconnect

App Store

When you’re pushing your app into the stores one of the he biggest factors to take into account is the review time in Apple’s AppStore.

Most platforms release your app (without a quality check) within 24 hours. But Apple takes care to screen your app before letting everyone download it from their store.

They’ve gotten a lot faster though… More after the break


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The past few weeks I’ve noticed firsthand how much the review period has improved. Sometimes it used to take up to 9 working days. It now   seems that reviews go live as fast as within 1-2 working days and new apps release within a few days (2 days average).

You can check out the review period trend on the website. It signals the average as reported by developers.

Ofcourse this all depends on the volume of apps that are submitted to the store. Perhaps even your track record (quality, volume of apps, etc).

I think that the shortened review period is a real improvement to the mobile developer experience.

This all doesn’t take away the fact that you should plan your path though. Make shure that your product is ready quite some time before it should be available in the stores though.

Keep building and more important, keep shipping. Faster. On Apple AppStore 🙂

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