Xamarin.Forms all grown up

Xamarin.FormsXamarin has been working hard on their great cross-platform native app development suite. One of the latest additions are Xamarin.Forms. When you implement your GUI with this library even the GUI layer – wich used to be platform specific implementation – is turned into a cross platform, one-for-all shareable piece of logic.

The latest version of .Forms, version 1.3, added some very cool features like Behavior which allows you to hookup code (ie: validation logic for fields) to your visual elements.

If you’re as interested as I am, and can’t wait for the Xamarin.Forms (e)book to arrive on your shelve here’s a litle tip: Xamarin is releasing the preview 2 version of their latest Xamarin.Forms book on a one-chapter-per-week basis for you to download as PDF’s ! You can download the chapters here.

Get there and take a plunge and into the latest and greatest!