UPDATE: FIXED Issues compiling Monotouch projects after XCode 4.6.2 upgrade

UPDATE: This issue has been fixed. Xamarin has pushed out an update for XCode 4.6.2 compatibility. Fast as always 🙂

Do you recognize the following symptoms with Xamarin Studio and MonoTouch after upgrading your XCode to the latest:

  • When building, you get the error:
    A valid Xcode installation could not be found. If your copy of Xcode is installed to a non-standard prefix, please specify the location in Xamarin Studio’s Preferences under ‘SDK Locations’
  • Clicking on a Storyboard file in the Solution explorer opens it as an XML file instead of jumpstarting the XCode Storyboard editor

If so, you’re experiencing an incompatibility issue between Monotouch and XCode 4.6.2. It has been discussed on the Xamarin Forums as well.

Currently, the only workaround is removing XCode 4.6.2 using the following command:
[crayon-65df6503b8a1d939710314/] and then download  XCode 4.6.1 (from the Apple Developer downloads section) and install it.