Checkin issues with Team Exporer Everywhere

Team Explorer EverywhereIf you work with Team Foundation Server/Service from a non-windows OS chances are that you’re using Team Explorer Everywhere.
When you’re into visual interfaces (like me 🙂 ) you’ll be using the Eclipse Team Explorer Everywhere plugin to checkin and checkout code and communicate with your TFS projects.

Recently I wanted to checkin a whole bunch of files into a project but i got a checkin error.. Even though the policies are checked before uploading the files it failed each time.

To aid you in your quest to solve this mystery looking into the logs is a good starting point.
Wait a minute, there are logs? Yes there are 🙂


You can access the Team Explorer logfiles via the Eclipse menu:

  • Open Eclipse
  • Select Help in the menu
  • Select Team Explorer Support…
  • Select the Team Explorer Logs “tab” to view the logs
  • Double click the logfile that you want to view.
    (You will see the log-types teamexplorer and teamexplorer-soap. It’s the first one you’re after.
    This will show the plugin’s raw log output which might lead you to the error)

Googling around rewarded me with this Stackoverflow answer containing the logfile locations if you’d rather open them from the file location directly

Windows: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\Team Foundation\[version*]\Logs
Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Team Foundation/[version*]/Logs
Unix: ~/.microsoft/Team Foundation/[version*]/Logs

*: Where [version] is 3.0 for TEE 2010 and 4.0 for TEE 2012. You’re looking for the teamexplorer-plugin logs.

In my case, i got an 404 from the upload webservice. I noticed a file which was 44MB large. Removing this (way too big) file was the fix I needed..