Cleaning Up Your Twitter Experience

In this post, I want to share some free advice with you that will help you to clean up your Twitter experience.
Since late 2016 I’ve been using multiple Twitter accounts and I started to notice that the amount of clutter was increasing. The amount of non-relevant tweets, useless content and hyped media that were of no interest to me became so big that I went looking for ways to get more grip on the Twitter on my timelines.

This resulted in 3 tips that I want to share with you to remove that clutter, using multiple accounts and finding relevant content on Twitter.

I included the video that I recorded to point out the three tips.
Please note: although I share some tips about Mac OS related software in this post, I’ll provide Windows alternatives too so keep on reading :).

The Video ?


Twitter Weeds ?

I was prepping my lawn for the season, so It gets all green-n-clean again. And while I was removing the weeds from it, I was thinking about the “weeds” that come by on my Twitter stream.

If you are done with all those useless Kardashian-related tweets or get your dose of politics via websites and don’t want to get them on Twitter, you should check out the Muted Words functionality on Twitter.
Words that you add to the Muted Words list will not appear on your timeline and trigger notifications.

To help you pick the best words to mute, Pieter Levels created*, a website which lets you add & upvote words and copy them to paste them in Twitter’s Muted Words list field. gives you the tooling to set up relevant list of irrelevant words fast and easy so check it out and get your Twitter feeds cleaned up in a breeze. screenshot

Using Multiple Twitter Accounts ??‍???‍???‍?

Twitter announced on the 21st of February, 2018 that their Mac OS Twitter client was going to be discontinued after 30 days.

With the MacOS Twitter client, switching between accounts was a breeze so discontinuing the client left people using multiple accounts from a Mac in the dark.

Twitter’s web client only allows for you to login to one account at a time, so there’s no dice there, too.

Fortunately, there are clients available that bear support for multiple Twitter Accounts. I am an enthusiastic user of Tweetbot*.
For $9.99 you can get the client that has all the features you’d expect from a Twitter client.
Tweetbot* lets you hook up to multiple Twitter accounts and you can change accounts with a long click on your profile image.
The client is fast & clean and gets your daily fix of Twitter interaction going for you.

Windows users: To get a nice, affordable desktop client that supports multiple users, check out Fenice*. For $2.49, Fenice* is a cheap but very clean Twitter client that also has some of the features that TweetDeck has (more on that one further in this post).

Watching For Mentions & Relevant Topics ?

On the other end of the spectrum from Muted Words, there is the possibility to watch certain words and get notifications or lists of tweets containing them (like what hashtags are about, right?).
With TweetDeck, a Mac OS app owned by Twitter themselves, you can set up multiple columns for your Twitter account.

Each column allows you to specify things like hashtag filters, keep tabs on Tweets from specific Twitter accounts, or add search queries with logic operators like:
[crayon-664fe58dafb95143321006/] I use it to follow the latest tweets on relevant topics or fields of interests and to see if I’m being mentioned or referenced anywhere.

Windows users: unfortunately, the Windows version for Tweetdeck was discontinued on the 15th of April, 2016.
You can use an open-source variant of it (also free) for Windows, called TweetDeckr*.

That’s a Wrap

And there you have it. Three tips that help you to:

  • clean up your twitter feeds
  • use multiple accounts from your laptop
  • and a tool to keep tabs on stuff that actually does matter to you

That should clean up your Twitter experience quite a bit!

cats cleaning the house

Drop a comment below to let me know what you think about the video, this post, my tips or on what tools you use for Twitter on your Mac or Windows machine.

*: I’m not affiliated in any way.

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