Fix Crashing Microsoft Teams on Mac OS High Sierra

When you’re working (partially) remote, one of the most important things is a proper communication channel.

At proteges, we’re using Microsoft Teams to communicate and recently, it failed as it started to crash on my MacBook Pro running Mac OS X High Sierra.

In this post, I’ll show you how I stopped Teams from crashing on me everytime I started it.

Microsoft Teams crashing

Communication is the key to successful relationships, and that’s no difference when it comes to business relationships and working together with your team.

If the tooling that you rely on for communicating with your teams while you’re working remotely suddenly dies on you, you’re right to feel disabled.

It happened to me last week while I wanted to start up Microsoft Teams on my 2017 MacBook Pro running the latest OS version at the time of writing: Mac OS 10.13.1 High Sierra.

Every time I started the app, It asked if I wanted to open up the windows that it had open when closing the last time. No matter if I answered Yes or No, it kept on crashing.

What I had tried before I got the right solution:

  • rebooting my MacBook – no dice
  • downloading the app and installed it over the current version – same results
  • using AppCleaner (awesome free uninstaller app) and installing Teams clean on my machine again – nope nada zip

Communication to a relationship is like oxygen to life. Without it…it dies. – Tony Gaskins

 The problem

After Googling around, it appears that Microsoft Teams is built on Electron and that the origin of the crashing lies within that fact.

It seems that the last version of Electron doesn’t play nice with High Sierra and that this made Teams crashing on me.

The solution

I found the solution on the forum for Microsoft Teams. It appears that removing a file will be enough to reset Electron and let apps that are built on it start up again.

The steps to fix Microsoft Teams are:

  1. Run the following commands in your Terminal or remove the file using Finder:
  2. Reboot your MacBook Pro

If you’re facing the same issue as me, you can now go on and communicate with your team once more.

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