Fixit #1: When Gulp is giving you the Cannot read property ‘apply’ treatment?


Fixits are small posts that provide a straight forward answer for issues that occur during development.

When you’re working on Hybrid apps or Web apps with a tool belt including Grunt it is possible that Gulp is giving you the “TypeError: Cannot read property ‘apply’ of undefined” finger. I’ve experienced this when using a Yeoman generator and Grunt wouldn’t nudge.

Expected result
Grunt functioning like normal (building with grunt / grunt build.

Real outcome
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Reinstall gulp-cli did fix this for me:
[crayon-664fdcaf2401a146951693/] Resources
I found this after Googling around: Although code version 4 – and using npm install -g “gulpjs/gulp-cli#4.0” – isn’t appropriate anymore it led me to try to re-install gulp-cli.