Macbook Pro 15″ mid 2011 gone Greyscreen

Mac’s don’t crash, ever. Period. My workinghorse just broke down, entirely.
It was on the dreaded Grey startup screen where my MBP turned into a brick, and kept lying around.

I.was.stunned…and taken off-guard
Going Crazy Cat

After investigating all sorts of possibilities and solutions for fixing the grey screen of death by searching forums like here and here (and here and… etc etc..) I started to see a pattern; none of the solutions and startup sequences or controller resets worked. It all ended in, well, the grey screen.

My last resort was to create a bootable medium and start a clean install since even my Recovery Partition or Internet -based variant of that didn’t lead to absolution. I looked around and tried various things like described here and here but all those didn’t show up or ended – again – in the grey pool of madness…

After 1,5 days of this madness the conclusion was becoming evident: it had to be somewhere hardware related as no software or booting approach was working… I already tried removing the memory as I found it to be a possible reason for not booting as stated here. No dice..

Checking some blog posts and background checking made me realise that the model (15″ MBP mid 2011) could be experiencing GPU related issues… And there ended my journey FOR NOW. As I’m going to send the MBP in to check out if it IS the cause. Apple’s initiated a repair program just for GPU mangled MBP’s so I’m hoping that is causing it.

So now you’re living on the streets, waiting on the MBP to return? Actually, no… A rainbow bom hit my life today!

Rainbow bom

Because of the bare necessity that I professionally actually really really really need a MBP to design, develop and deploy (cross-platform) mobile applications my company allowed me to get a new MBP !

I’ll update this post whenever I get the results back on the bricked MBP, but for now, I’m installing my new box and happily coding again!!!

The end

ps: Just wanted to share this so you know you’re not alone in these matters 🙂