Good Advice is Worth Its Weight In Gold

GoldRecently I discovered some of the coolness that has been created; I found out that Slack is more then just another chat bot, found out about this cool online video chat service called

Besides the technical gems that started shining into my eyes I had the oppertunity to participate in a cool video chat session with @matthewkremer (writer of the free eBook Writing Products In A Weekend , @mubashariqbal (a true SaaS wizard) and @maxlynch (CEO of Ionicframework).

Being able to ask some questions from experienced people and the doors being opened by cool new solutions truly added to my buzz this week; charged my batteries to be a better code & product developer and gave me new energy to go on with a small project I’m working on.

Do you have a cool SaaS product or an idea your working on that you want to get out there as a SaaS? Get going with it and follow Matt Kremer on to get some burning questions answered and you mindset right!