Cordova + Angular + ios9 = digestion issues

AngularJS iOS 9
Digestion issue

Although compiling and running your #cordova based #ios app might just work fine on #ios9, chances are that it will be functionally degraded. This has to do with the UIWebview component which is now a second citizen since WKWebview is the new hero in town.

One of the first things you’ll probably run into is something like:
[crayon-662a1b5c3e611890639226/] This seems to be a bug on the part of  some flaws in the UIWebview that are handling Angular based event callings and keep looping calls up till the point that Angular breaks down the infinite loop.

This, amongst radiobutton issues and security based issues with non-https calls in iOS9 are all nicely tackled and explained by the #ionicframework crew in this – and related – post on their blog.

Implementing ionic’s webview patch will put a band-aid on the digest(ion) issues of this cutting-edge technology salad.

So I subscribe you the following recipe: angular-ios9-uiwebview.patch.js and half a day of resting (which you would be spending researching and fixing this bug otherwise).