Gettin all Angular in your hybrid app

In the last few years I’ve seen quite some Javascript frameworks that were focussing on creating ‘hybrid’ mobile apps:AngularJS Ionic Framework



But I must admit that the latest library that made me rethink (mobile) webdevelopment was AngularJS. It’s just a very powerful, clean library that truly is testable and implements a MVC architecture.
The fact that it is modular and steers you in building a very DRY solution helps as well.

I’ve seen it before and steered away from AngularJS and instead worked with Knockout JS quite some time but the latest JS framework with a sweet CLI called Ionic Framework made me dive into it again.

Ionic was the sweet tasting framework that delivered the semi-native navigation along with a sexy CLI and cool coding just like Steroids did, but it was just cleaner to use. Or maybe I like it a little better then Steroids just because it made my finally dive into AngularJS and made that bridge a little easier to cross because of the clean documentation that it provides, I dunno.

What I DO know is that AngularJS fits just right into the mobile webdevelopment space and accompanied with the tools and extra sause that Ionic provides – Angular styled – is just sweet.

I’m still evolving my AngularJS knowledge but If you’re into learning something new and great too, I’d suggest you take up the learning checklist for the AngularJS framework on and get your taste of it!
It’s complete, full and brings you just that little further into building nice apps with AngularJS.