A way to truly share your dev environment

VagrantRecently I stumbled into Vagrant, a Virtual Machine commandline tool that lets you make a snapshot of your development setup so you can share it with team mates and download/run it with the simple command:

vagrant up

I am really charmed by the idea to just freeze your entire setup and make it shareable as a whole since it will clean out all those “but it worked at my machine” excuses and leaves less room for human configuration errors.

I’m still looking into the kind of machines that can be shared as VM (what does it mean for Mac OS dev setups since VM-ing OSX still is a big nono) and how well the experience will be but it shure is a trend i’d love to see continued.

I’m hoping to check this out very soon and will post an update when I’ve checked it out. Make shure you check it out if you’re into fast dev env setups and sharing as well!

www.vagrantup.com, clean, simple, fast?!