The next level of professionalism

It was time for me to take it to the next level. This blog deserved to proceed to the next level of professionalism and becoming my voice in my journey to becoming a mobile app development artisan.


Taking pride at your work

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as they say. And for me, I didn’t see a beautiful website when I looked at my blog’s look & feel and how it performed.

As this Reddit comment reflected straight up and without BS: my blog was crap. It was slow loading, had a lot of errors in the browser console and I wasn’t even happy with it for a while myself.

Want to read more on why and how I improved this blog? More after the break.

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Taking pride in what you create starts with deciding where you put the bar and working to live up to that. Only then can you measure if you’ve reached the quality that you’re aiming for.

I took some time to think about what I wanted for my blog and decided it was time to take it to another level.

What’s changed

Actions speak louder than words, so here’s the list of actions that I’ve been undertaking the last few days:

  • moving my domain to another provider
  • moved and redirected my content from the “” subdomain to the root domain
  • setup SSL for safe HTTPS communication and SEO purposes
  • rebranded the site’s identity from EeKay’s Blog into EEKAY ONLINE and created a matching logo
  • implemented a cool theme from Playne Themes

Basically, the content and the domain name are the main things that remain from the old setup.

Finally I decided to create a logo that shows the focus for my blog: mobile app developers. I remember that I always hesitated to be clear about that because I didn’t want to restrain my content to be about tech stuff only.
Fortunately, blogs from artisans like John Sonmez, Tobias van Schneider and Jon Westenberg made clear to me that having a clear focus doesn’t mean only having one message.


Up for it

I‘m ready to take this to the next level and I’m very eager to go into 2017 with more content and some cool ideas to feed that craving for good mobile developer content.


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I hope you enjoy this new EEKAY ONLINE and that my enthusiasm for mobile app development  comes across.
Code hard, Ship harder!