Android 4.2.2 OTA: Enabling Developer Options

I have a Samsung Galaxy Nexus that I use for Android development and, as always, it was quickly noted that I could install the new 4.2.2 OTA update for the Android OS. I installed it and after rebooting i noticed i couldn’t find the device with the adb tool anymore. Thinking quickly I figured that the Developer Options must have been reset and that I needed to enable the USB option again.

You should have experienced the horror in my head when I found out that the Developer Options were missing from the Settings screen… I am glad that this page made clear that the solution for making the Developer Options visible again was simple enough:

If you want to enable developer settings, you must click the “Build Number” in about phone 7 times to “unhide” the option.

Do as it says and be happy once again 🙂