Paintcode aids

For the iOS devs out there that do not know what PaintCode is: it’s a tool that enables you to draw custom vector based interface elements in a WYSIWYG editor that generates resolution independant drawing code (it being in either Objective-C or  MonoTouch).

Using this will decrease your app’s footprint (less image data to pack along), enables you to create dynamically and configurable screen elements (further than any image would allow you to) and makes things a lot faster.

The downside however is that it creates code that still needs to be coded into a somewhat more useful component structure with properties and dynamic behaviour.
So make sure you like the design of the element and optimize the code after you’ve confirmed that.

To make the generated code more speedy and memory-friendly i found this nice blogpost in which KGN explains how to cache the drawing code using some useful categories and functions.