Ruby-ing it in

Okay, i’m doing it. I’m working on becoming a Ruby developer and i’m liking it. Every time i look into Ruby (on Rails) stuff there seem to be more advantages. At first it was the idea of “Convention over configuration” or CoG that sounded interesting. But meanwhile it is becoming clear that every time i’m working my way into learning the language there’s more. No more type-casting, the ability to “chain” method  outcomes after eachother and the Active model are just a few of the advantages that RoR has to offer.

Ruby on Rails logo

Ruby on Rails

Some nice initiatives i’ve encountered during my quest for Ruby knowledge :

  • – dive into this in-browser(!) hands-on development tutorial which will show the Ruby basics the clear way.
  • – a funny and interesting series of screencasts and an in-browser learning environment. Combine fun with learning always worked for me
  • eBooks: Agile Development with Rails and Ruby on Rails for dummies give a clear view on Ruby planet.

It seems that every step I take into the world of Ruby makes me forget about things like PHP, so i’m curious where this road may take me!

Speaking about curiosity, what’s your hot tip of the day for learning Ruby?