Hitting 30 and still developing


Hitting 30


What, you’re hitting something? Yes people; as of today I’m going to have to say “I’m thirty years young”. Although I like having a nice round number as my age it feels different from becoming 20…

Don’t worry I’m not getting al muschy on ya! I just wanted to say that I’m glad that things have been working out for me: I’ve got a beautiful wife, we have a nice place that we call home and even job wise we like were we are at.

And you know what? I’m still developing. And I mean that in both ways: I recently switched jobs and there’s a LOT to learn at my current job at Kabisa ICT and I’m loving it. Getting sparked with new information and having to learn new stuff so i can build cool things with cool tools (Ruby, Xcode) is what I was looking for and I got it.
So both my personal goal and my professional goal are met: keep developing both on myself (expanding my horizon) and on challenging products in a cool environment.

Being confident about the path you’re taking is the one thing that got me so far, and taking choices that make me happy enabled me to make others happy. So let’s just hope I can keep hitting the right notes and achieve the goals I got in mind for the next ten years.

Time will tell but I surely am thrilled about finding out!